We help businesses to Find their way in today's world of marketing With complete marketing strategy development and Implementation

We can help you find and implement the marketing strategy that works the best for your company. It is not always simple, but everyone can do it. And we’ll have your back all the way.

We’d be super happy to chat with you about your company and vision, and see if we can contribute to the prosperity of your business.

how do we operate?

Step 1. - Free Zoom Call
We meet on Zoom and have a thorough conversation about your business goals.  We give you our honest opinion and feedback about the current status of your online marketing system. We draw up the marketing scheme we think we'll work the best for you, and give you our offer for your project specifically.
Step 2. - Workshop
If you decide to work with us, we'll sit down for a workshop (2-3 sessions of 3 hours each) and create a comprehensive strategy and schedule that we'll execute during our cooperation.  In our workshop, we'll polish your offer to perfection, and we'll determine every important step that must be taken to represent your product/service in a world-class manner.
Step 3. - Execution of the Marketing Strategy
We'll execute the marketing strategy (according to the planned schedule) we developed during the workshop.  As we continuously progress, new situations, opportunities and challenges will pop up and we'll address them, too. We offer a guarantee that you won't have to pay more, even if we exceed the originally planned timeframe.
Step 4. - Take it further
"Go as far as you can see, and when you get there, you'll see further." - Zig Ziglar When we reach the goals we initially set, new goals and ideas will appear. At this point, many of our clients like staying with us so that we can keep growing together. We hope you'll also be in this mindset at this point.

Some of our clients

Crazy Marketing Results

Pap Miklós

Hungary’s Most Famous Chiropractor

New website | 115,000 followers on TikTok in 5 months | 15x monthly revenue growth with 0 forint advertising cost | Building a well-coordinated team of 15 from a 3-person clinic

Mamoka Trans

Employee Transportation

Completely new website, unique B2B customer acquisition system | During lead generation, Mamoka established contact with Samsung, Mercedes, Aldi, Gls, Lidl, Harman Backer, and Magyar Posta


Business Coaching

Comprehensive sales system around a high-ticket product (full saturation) | 2000+ new Facebook group members in 6 months


Video Content Creation and Education

Completely new website | $4,000 revenue with $0 ad spend in the first month


Accounting and Tax Advisory

Key partner | We maintain an ongoing mutually strategic relationship | Exclusively recommend them for accounting and tax advisory matters

Oikos Festék

Premium Wall Paints

Comprehensive marketing strategy planning and execution (in progress).


American English Mentoring Program

Completely new website | Selling 70+ training programs worth $2,500 each with 0 advertising costs.


Online Bioshop

Revision of paid advertisements and product offers | 7x revenue growth in 6 months.

KSS Workout

Street Workout Academy

Complete sales system (e-book and mentoring program) | 38,000 TikTok and 17,000 Instagram followers | Nearly 1,000 sales from a budget of $2,000 ($55,000 revenue).


Food Supplement Webshop

Instagram content creation

Halmagyi Art

Fine Art Photo Artist

Completely new website | 7,000+ followers on Instagram in 4 months


Insurance Comapny

800+ qualified leads from a advertising budget of $1,500

Toyota Csepel

Auto Salvage Yard and Brand Service Center

Completely new website | 44 qualified leads with a advertising budget of $300

Sítechnika Kft.

Nemzetközi Skiing Company

New website

Classic MX

Hungarian MotoCross Championship

New website

Blachere Kft.

Industrial LED Lighting

Fixing technical errors on the website | Improving text content

Narada Kush

Researcher in Vedic Sciences (PhD)

New website

Universal Kft.

International Industrial Alpinist Company

Completely new website | Google Ads and optimization | Creating video content


Ben Kiss

Ben Kiss

The creator of the KSS Workout training method has over 10,000 followers and has already worked with nearly 200 people. There are not many more credible individuals in Hungary when it comes to social media growth and sales funnel creation than him.

Gary Kovacs

Gary Kovacs

The founder of GEM Language School has sold over 50 language learning mentor programs worth $2,500 each in just 3 years without ad spend. His favorite areas are particularly text writing and a systematic approach.

Zoli Szabo

Zoli Szabo

The former owner of Naturia Webshop, which generated an annual revenue of around $150.000, is currently motivated by the world of marketing. As a professional in Google, SEO, and customer experience, he assists our clients.

Barni Mezei

Barni Mezei

As a professional video editor, he helps our clients align with the latest international trends. His work generates millions of views for our clients every month.

Tom Kovacs

Tom Kovacs

An international DevOps software engineer, originally he developed security systems for American Banks. Now he's also on our team, and he can tackle almost any advanced IT challenge thanks to his extensive network of connections.

Betti Csesznok

Betti Csesznok

As a virtual assistant, she has managed social media accounts with tens of thousands of followers, including Arnold Schwarzenegger's ex-photographer Peter Halmágyi's Instagram page and Mike Pap's (100k+ followers) TikTok account.

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